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PostSubject: Abyssea   Sun Sep 26, 2010 8:59 pm

Did some NM's

Briareus x1
Caraboss x3
Ovni x1
Ruminator x1

Got Atma of Allure and Heavens as well as the abyssite off Ovni

Briareus Helm - Estifer
Staff Hachimaki - Fishi
Inmicus Cuisses - Cosmo
Carabosse Gem x3 - Talphon
Afflictors - Zubuis, Ninurta
Teutares Subligar - Merlen
Axe Hachimakix2 -
Shaolin Belt -
Heafoc Mittens - Ida
Sword Hachimaki - Merlen

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