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 KS99, and Abyssea

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PostSubject: KS99, and Abyssea   Sun Sep 12, 2010 10:12 am

Been doing alot of abyssea lately, xping in older areas, and trying out newer areas as well. Also finished up a blackbelt.

Wyrm Beard: Legacey (black belt), Arcsol

Chais Necklace: Joker

Varangian Helm: Liltulip, Ninurta, Twizta, Bongarippa, Babukitty, Cosmolore, Bogart, Lancalot, Retice?, Yvan, etc etc (kinda lost track)

Volley Earring - Ronfar, Merlen, Liltulip, Zubuis
Airy Ring - Fishi, Arcsol, Yvan, Legacey

Orison +1 (whm)- Yvan
Savant Head +1 (sch)- Zubuis
Aoidos Head +1 (brd) - Ronfar
Mavis Head + (blu) - Legacey

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KS99, and Abyssea
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