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 VNM's and other misc. stuff

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VNM's and other misc. stuff Empty
PostSubject: VNM's and other misc. stuff   VNM's and other misc. stuff EmptyTue Aug 24, 2010 8:09 pm

VNM's and other misc. stuff Ffxi_284

VNM's and other misc. stuff Ffxi_285

blob ring - liltulip, cosmolore
karka ring - arcsol
acuben's helm - merlen, sincerestjokerx
beguiling collar - estifer, lojinxx
witchstone - fishi, bongarippa
vulcan's ring - cosmlore, zubuis, legacey
neptune's ring - arcsol, ronfar
aquilo's ring - barnesy

VNM's and other misc. stuff CYNy2
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VNM's and other misc. stuff
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