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 Hello EQ Nice to meet you

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Serpopard Ishtar Slayer

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PostSubject: Hello EQ Nice to meet you   Sun May 02, 2010 11:53 pm

Hello EQ Linkshell nice to meet you, I was In Sandy on a mission and came across

a fellow Samurai named Byrrd, and we talked for a short time then I asked for

the Linkshell website. I like the fact EQ does a wide range of endgame content

and I am currently In just a social Linkshell with only a few members. I would like

to post a help request for 2 events. I have a Armed Gears pop and only wish

to lot x1 item Aurum feet and all other drops could go to EQ. I also have a

Themis Orb (Early Bird catches the Wyrm) In which I will donate the BB item

to EQ. I'd really love to come to your Einherjar If you allow guest helpers,

I have a 72 Drk w/ Octave Club or a Samurai w Hagun & 304 Great Katana Skill.

Grats on all those Salvage pieces and the Linkshell videos were great.

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Virtous Saint

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PostSubject: Re: Hello EQ Nice to meet you   Mon May 03, 2010 2:33 pm


Thanks for the nice words. As far as some of the things you requested. It might be possible that people would help you pop the armed gears, if they were already doing them. We dont really do ZNM a whole lot so, more likely than not, people would prob end up popping them in their own time, so if they decided to help you out that would be their decision. There are some people who need things like Tomoe, so it is a possibility I guess.

As far as the ks99 goes, no one really needs wyrm beards in the linkshell. Every 75 mnk in our linkshell has a blackbelt. The only other person who needs bb items is level 69 and they need a tongue and a egg so unfortunately, I cant see the ks99 working for you. We generally do ks99 once every 1-2 months so typically theres alot of people using orbs and not really a whole lot of time to pop others.

As for ein, it is pretty full at the moment. We generally only allow linkshell members to go other than the odd person out of shell which is a rare case.

Thanks for post though.

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Hello EQ Nice to meet you
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